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USA Today пишет о Study, которое links depression, suicide rates to teen sex: The Heritage study taps the government-funded National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health. The Heritage researchers selected federal data on 2,800 students ages 14-17. The youngsters rated their own "general state of continuing unhappiness" and were not diagnosed as clinically depressed.

The Heritage study finds:

• About 14% of girls who have had intercourse have attempted suicide; 5% of sexually inactive girls have.

• About 6% of sexually active boys have tried suicide; less than 1% of sexually inactive boys have.

Умение социологов употреблять значительные денежные суммы на всякую поебень не перестает восхищать. Теперь остается выяснить, как поглощение натурального кофе колеблет цены на нефть.

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